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Reflecting on traveling as a musician

The last two months were spent mostly traveling, sleeping in unfamiliar beds and living out of a suitcase. There are wonderful sides to this and, of course, not as good sides to this too. I would like to share some of both sides of traveling as a musician and some […]Weiterlesen »

Imaginary dance

I am so thankful that Vasco Negreiros dedicated his new piece for solo viola da gamba Dança Imaginária to me! This piece should have been performed for the first time in a concert last March, which was canceled due to covid. So, after some months and few perspectives of performing […]Weiterlesen »

Uma viagem imaginada – Eine imaginäre Reise

Sofia Diniz presents her new CD La Lyre d’Apollon with a concert with French Suites by Jacques Morel at Festival Terras sem Sombra in Olivenza On the 23rd of March 2019, Sofia Diniz and her colleagues Josep Maria Martí Duran (theorbo), Fernando Miguel Jalôto (harpsichord) and Holger Faust-Peters (viola da […]Weiterlesen »